Why Use Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Our Culinary Preparation?

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For those of you who are seeking for inspiration or new ideas to get cooking in the kitchen, why not start with eggs?

They are relatively inexpensive, easy to find and can be used in many different ways. Besides being high in proteins, eating eggs can also help boost your weight loss.

A study carried out by the Rochester Center for Obesity Research found that eating eggs for breakfast helps limit your calorie intake all day, by more than 400 calories. That means you could lose three pounds or more per month.

We suggest using extra virgin olive oil to fry your eggs because it is a very heart-healthy oil and has been a major component of the Mediterranean Diet for centuries.

Photo from jamieoliver.com. Sunny side-up egg: A lovely looking fried egg.

Jamie Oliver, an English celebrity chef and restaurateur, demonstrated how he fried a sunny side-up egg that is perfectly soft and silky using olive oil.


It is a common myth that extra virgin olive oil is not suitable for frying.

This is not true.

In fact, it performs as exceptionally well when used for frying due to the high smoking point, which ranges between 190ºC-215ºC.

Free Fatty Acid (FFA) is a general measurement of olive oil quality. The higher the FFA > 0.5%, the higher the probability of having taste defects.

Extra virgin olive oil with low Free Fatty Acid will also smoke at a higher temperature.

Since the ideal frying temperature is around 180ºC, when we use extra virgin olive oil to fry, we can enjoy the nutritional values far better than any other cooking oils, including pure or extra light olive oil, because these refined cooking oils have already had the phytonutrients lost in the extraction process.

More importantly, extra virgin olive oil forms a layer of crust over the surface of the food that prevents oil from soaking in and hence has a lower fat content than food fried in other oils.

When we fry our food within the recommended frying temperature, that is below 180°C, it normally absorbs 8 to 25% oil.

By using olive oil for frying, it forms a crust on the surface of the food that impedes the penetration of oil. And hence food fried in olive oil has a lower fat content than food fried in other oils, making olive oil more suitable for weight control.

The taste of extra virgin olive oil also improves the overall flavor.

If you prefer to have a lighter olive taste, you should then consider using a delicate and mild extra virgin olive oil for cooking, such as, Senorio de Vizcantar Normal.

The fruit intensity of extra virgin oil can be classified into three categories: (1) Robust (intense fruity taste), (2) Medium, and (3) Mild & Delicate.

The first two categories are meant to be used uncooked, i.e. applied or as a finishing touch on dishes like salad, bread, grilled fish and vegetables, pastas, stew, soup – that is, we use the olive oil as a raw material (healthy ingredient) and it is not undergone heating, where its anti-inflammatory property and antioxidants are at its best.

The mild and delicate extra virgin olive oil has a “light” taste.

Unlike pure or extra light olive oil, mild and delicate olive oil is an “extra virgin” olive oil, where it has the polyphenols and oleocanthals, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants we need each day.

Pure or extra light olive oil is a “refined” oil, which means it has undergone extremely fine filtration process to reduce the acidity and sensory defects of poor quality virgin olive oil. It has little phytonutrients (anti-inflammatory and antioxidants), and it is flavourless and odourless.


We need anti-inflammatory and antioxidants each day to ward off inflammation and make our heart young. We don’t have to look far to find it.

Just use extra virgin olive oil on a regular basis to fry vegetables or eggs for our kids and family instead of using other cooking oils – vegetable bounds to be one of the dishes we prepare each day – and we will have already had the amount required.

The health benefits provided by extra virgin olive oil, along with the nutrients found in the vegetables and eggs, ensure that we will have the best of both worlds.

If you are more adventurous, take two tablespoonful of premium quality extra virgin olive every morning, and you will have already consumed a daily needs of polyphenols and oleocanthal.

Premium quality extra virgin olive oil will not give you the greasiness feel when taken directly.


Many world-renowned restaurants in Madrid are famous solely for one item – their fried eggs.

Try it out today and notice the light crispy difference in your eggs when you use extra virgin olive oil for frying!

The egg we fried will not taste greasy or fatty. It is so simple and so much healthier.

Want to break the tradition of an ordinary omelette? Jean Imbert, a top chef from Paris, will teach you how to cook an omelette that is light, airy and melt in your mouth. You’ll be amazed with what you can do with just 3 eggs, olive oil, and some seasoning.

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