QUALITY – From Farm To Production

WHAT GOES IN, MUST COME OUT. In an environmentally-friendly olive ecosystem, whatever goes in, only extra virgin olive oil must come out.

This vision is executed perfectly in Soler Romero’s family farm – It makes its own compost and uses these decomposed organic materials as soil conditioner, natural fertilizer and as organic pesticide to grow its olive trees. What this means?


Like the saying, “You are what you eat.”

Same goes to growing olives. If we feed the olive trees with the best natural fertilizer and organic pesticide at the very beginning of the season, the olives will be in tip-top conditions when they are fully grown.

As we know by now, we can only produce high quality extra virgin olive oil with healthy, clean and undamaged olives. To go one step further, we will certainly feel safe to consume an extra virgin olive oil that has been officially certified pesticide-, herbicide- and insecticide-free without residue, ensuring that the extra virgin olive oil is healthy and totally organic.


At the end of each harvesting season, Soler Romero recycles various organic materials otherwise regarded as waste products to make its own compost. For example, branches, leaves, waste water, and pomace generated from the production process.

In this way, only extra virgin olive oil comes out of the farm, not generating any type of by-products such as the refined pure olive oil, olive pomace oil, extra light olive oil, or waste.

Something very few farms are able to achieve and/or are doing.


Olive tree is a living entity. It has evolved over thousands of years under fluctuating climate – From extreme varying conditions in day-to-day to year-to-year. We should not simply look at olive tree as an olive-producing machine.

When we take every single steps to nurture the olive groves, as well as its surrounding land, and feed and care for the trees, the olives will be in their healthiest conditions. In return, we obtain extra virgin olive oil that is in perfect state of flavours and contains the most health benefits.


Organic farming is the way to go. The olive groves can be fully integrated with the local fauna and flora. Birds and small animals can be seen living on the farm land with a piece of mind.

By consuming organic extra virgin olive oil, we are contributing to the recovery of the biodiversity of the olive groves.

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