AROMA & TASTE of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin olive oil by Soler Romero, Senorio de Vizcantar, Garcia de la Cruz

DID YOU KNOW why EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil has aroma and taste? Why ONLY HIGH QUALITY extra virgin olive oil has these unique and delicate aroma and taste?

Bet it apple, tomato, almond, banana, fruity, grassy, herbal, floral, nutty, spicy, and bitter, these are just some of the descriptors that are used by the olive oil masters to describe the aroma and taste of the olive oil.

These aroma and taste are due to the presence of the naturally occurring phenolic compounds in the extra virgin olive oil.

The aroma compounds are volatile, which means they will be destroyed if the temperature has reached a certain value, such as 100ºC.

Antioxidants & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

However, other phenolic compounds in the extra virgin olive oil for taste receptors on the tongue, specifically the POLYPHENOLS, which have ANTIOXIDANTS and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties, will remain mostly intact after heating.

This is the reason why using high quality extra virgin olive oil for home cooking has an added value and advantage – We will be reaping both the health benefits of the olive oil and the food we cook.

Aroma & Flavour vs Polyphenols

There is a good correlation between aroma and flavour of olive oil and its polyphenol content. The higher the polyphenol content, the more intense and complex the aroma and flavour of the extra virgin olive oil.

Green, grassy, herbaceous, bitter and peppery taste are due to the presence of oleuropein, oleocanthal, hydroxytyrosol.

Whereas aroma such as apple, tomato, banana and almond, be it green or ripe, are the results of a combination of various compounds, which are more difficult to pinpoint.

Bitter & Pungent

NOW THAT YOU KNOW, when you want to buy an extra virgin olive oil, do look out for one that gives you the bitter and pungent taste, and that are more intense.

BITTER & PUNGENT are your friends.

They are also a solid indicator of the presence of ANTIOXIDANTS and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties in the EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil – more intense means more polyphenols, on the other hand, delicate and mild has less.

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