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Internet Banking

We accept inter-bank fund transfer via Internet Banking. Kindly use the FAST payment method. We will process your order once the payment is successfully credited into our bank account.

Our bank account details are as follows:

  • Bank: United Overseas Bank Limited
  • Branch Code: 038 (Tampines Branch)
  • Account Type: UOB Corporate Account
  • Account Number: 366-307-697-1


Our PayNow Number is:

  • UEN: 53252803D
  • Company’s Name: VAS & SAV TRADING


This may be a preferred mode of payment for our first-time customers. We would appreciate if you could prepare the exact amount when we deliver your order to your door step.

Kindly refrain from using excessive amount of coins for payment because it will not be possible to count on the spot and doing so will delay our scheduled delivery on the day. Appreciate!



We provide free delivery on orders above S$50, calculated after discount, if any.

For CBT-Shenton and Sentosa areas, the minimum order amount is higher. In the event that your order is below the free delivery minimum, we charge a flat fee for delivery. We do not deliver to remote areas. Appreciate your understanding.


We will deliver your order within two days upon receipt of your order. We will arrange a delivery date and time so that there is always someone at location to receive your order.


We will only deliver orders to the CBD area between 10am to 12 noon each day due to ERP and high parking charges.

Remote Areas

We highly recommend that you pull in your friends and/or colleagues to place an order, if at all possible.

Delivery Timing

Our earliest delivery is 10am. There will not be any delivery after 6pm.


Olive oil is a highly sensitive product. We are unable to accept return and exchange.


Your privacy is very important to us. We pledge that:

  1. The information we have collected through the order processing, such as your name, email address, shipping/delivery address and phone number, will be used solely for the purposes of fulfilling the orders you have placed with us.
  2. We will never contact you without your permission, other than order-related matters, and we will immediately terminate any communications with you upon request.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. If there is a significant change, we will indicate on our site that our privacy policy has changed and highlight the new policy.

Contacting Us!

Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you may contact us by email, care@onlyoliveoil.sg.

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17 thoughts on “FAQ”

    1. Agus Rahardja

      Yes, Jana. Eco Vizcantar is an organic extra virgin olive oil. Its olives (trees) are organically grown to safeguard the environment and preserve the soil’s fertility. It makes use of natural resources and avoids the use of synthetic chemicals to grow the olive trees. It carries the organic farming certificate CAAE.

      Eco Vizcantar is also certified for the Denomination of Origin, Priego de Córdoba, which means that its olives have been certified to come from the same olive groves, which are owned by the producer, within the Priego de Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain. This certificate also certifies for its quality, with which the production of the olive oil must conform to a very strict quality management.

      It also receives the “certified quality” certificate (calidad certificada). Thanks. Hope these help. Agus. Only Olive Oil.

  1. Dear Sirs
    Read info on your website. To conclude can I say these olive oils can be used for skin and consuming? Because I use it more on my face but all this while I was just buying on the shelves. Now I will be heading to one of your stores to buy. Regards

    1. Agus Rahardja

      Yes, you are right. The higher the anti-aging antioxidants, as well as its Vitamin E, the better it is.

      When consuming it, it helps to repair and enrich our cells – and to give us a layer of protection from developing cancer, dementia, etc.

      When applying it on skin, it helps to moisturise and soften our skin, prevent wrinkles, and help protect the skin from premature skin aging.

      Its anti-inflammatory properties also has the protective effect against free radical damage to our skin.

      When using high quality extra virgin olive oil, the more benefits we will enjoy from these unique properties of olive oil. Be extra careful though if you have oily skin.

      When taking two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, while at the same time applying it on our skin, this two-pronged approach might better care for our skin – truly from inside and out.

      Soler Romero organic olive oils are available online. The rest of our olive oils are available at Duke Bakery 11 outlets.

      1. Agus Rahardja

        Our olive oils, including Soler Romero organic extra virgin olive oils, are now available at Swiss Butchery @ 30 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289230. Opening Hours of Swiss Butchery @ Greenwood Ave: 9.30am – 8pm Daily.

      2. I am looking for pure olive oil for drinking to detox and improve health. What would be most suitable for easy drinking and economical?

        1. Agus Rahardja

          Hi Selina. I presume when you said “pure olive oil”, you are referring to “authentic extra virgin” olive oil. Otherwise, “pure olive oil” by common understanding is referring to “refined” olive oil, which is usually added with 5-10% of “extra virgin” olive oil to enhance its taste, as refined olive oil is tasteless. I doubt you will use “pure olive oil” for drinking (as it is often oily) to detox and improve health. Refined olive oil is produced from high heat and chemically processed. Therefore, it does not contain the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties we seek for – we should not count the 5-10% extra virgin olive oil added as this extra may not be the freshest (old or low quality) extra virgin olive oil, and the amount is so minute as compared with the vast majority of (90%) “refined” olive oil.

          I will recommend the following three types of extra virgin olive oil we carry:

          1) Strong intensity, green fruity: Soler Romero Picual contains very high polyphenols, i.e. antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Visit: https://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/shop/soler-romero-picual/

          2) Medium intensity, green fruity: Señorío de Vizcántar Special Selection is both tasty and healthy. Visit: https://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/shop/vizcantar-special-selection-500ml/

          3) Delicate and mild, fruity: Señorío de Vizcántar Normal, 5L Bag-In-Box, is economical. The Bag-in-Box packaging can preserve its quality for a long period of time. Visit: https://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/shop/senorio-de-vizcantar-5l/. For Bag-in-Box, please read: https://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/2017/04/olive-oil-in-bag-in-box-why/

          There is another one you may consider: Señorío de Vizcántar, Organic, 5L Bag-In-Box. Visit: https://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/shop/bio-vizcantar-5l/

          If you are interested in 500nl bottle, here is the link to Bio-Vizcantar: https://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/shop/bio-vizcantar/ and Vizcantar Normal https://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/shop/senorio-de-vizcantar/

          Hope this helps. Thanks. Agus. Only Olive Oil.

  2. Hi, is EVOO effective to help one to lose weight? Can I add 2 or 3 tablespoon to my morning cereal bf? How do I store the opened bottle of EVOO. Which brand is best to achieve the weight lost effect? Many tks and best regards.

    1. Agus Rahardja

      Thanks for asking, Maegan. Here are our takes on your questions:

      1) There were research studies showing that olive oil-enriched diet brought about greater weight loss than a lower-fat diet. Several other studies also indicate that monounsaturated fat enhances the body’s breakdown of stored fat.

      Reader: How eating fat can save your life.

      When using EVOO for frying, it forms a crust on the surface of the food that impedes the penetration of oil. And hence food fried in EVOO has a lower fat content than food fried in other oils, making olive oil more suitable for weight control.

      Reader: Why use premium quality extra virgin olive oil in our culinary preparation?

      Dr Mary Flynn, a nutrition researcher at Providence’s Miriam Hospital and the Warren Alpert Medical School, recommends to consume three tablespoons of EVOO to have the weight-loss effect comes into play. She further explained that the weight-loss effect kicks in when it’s combined with a healthy Mediterranean-style diet, which is rich in vegetables, fruit, legumes and whole grains, moderate in dairy and low in meat (about three serves of white meat or fish a week for women, and red meat only once or twice a month). “This way of eating essentially takes the calories you’d normally be consuming with meat and gives them to vegetables and olive oil,” she says.

      Reader: 3 tablespoons of olive oil can save your life and make you slimmer.

      Reader: Could olive oil be the key to weight loss? Olive oil could aid weight loss by making people feel fuller for longer and by staving off hunger pangs.

      Do note that, however, the main health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, when use regularly and in moderation on a long term basis, are the potential to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Type 2 Diabetes, keep our heart young, protect against cancer, help to prevent strokes, etc.

      Reader: Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

      2) Yes, you can and in fact, it tastes better

      Video: Why Dr. Oz recommends adding olive oil to cereal.

      Beside cereal, we can drizzle EVOO over porridge and oat meal. Well-known chef Bruno Loubet at the Zetter hotel in London has this for recommendation: porridge as breakfast – adds olive oil, honey and a layer of chopped garlic because all the ingredients are good for health and keep us young and healthy.

      New York Times columnist Mark Bittman has been recommending savory oatmeal preparations for years. One of his suggestions is steel cut oatmeal, drizzled with a fruity EVOO and 1-2 tablespoons of black or green olive Tapenade on the side of the bowl.

      At Oat Meals, a restaurant in New York City, one of their popular dishes is oats topped with EVOO, sea salt and cracked black pepper and then finished with a layer of fluffy Parmesan cheese. It goes well with bacon and has the consistency of a cheesy risotto.

      Reader: Simple & healthy recipes using extra virgin olive oil for people who are always in a hurry.

      3) Once you open a bottle of EVOO, best that you consume it within one month or two so that you can savour its freshness. The storage method is the same as storing unopened bottle and that is in a dark and cool place away from heat and light. If you don’t intend to use it for a month or longer, you can store it in a fridge.

      4) Any EVOO that has high quality is good for our health. High quality is defined as low acidity (and high in antioxidants – Polyphenols). The max allowable acidity specified by the International Olive Council is 0.8%. Beyond that, it cannot be called “extra virgin.” As such, choose one that has low acidity such as below 0.3%, and high Polyphenol counts (antioxidants).

      Hope these help. One thing to note though, use EVOO in moderation. Thanks.

      Agus. Only Olive Oil.

  3. I read an article recently about fake extra virgin olive oils even from famous brands.. How can I be sure that the brands of oils here are really pure olive oils?

    1. Agus Rahardja

      Dear Warren,

      Thanks for asking this question, and probably on behalf of a lot of people who also want to know.

      Indeed, spotting an authentic extra virgin olive oil from the fake is a very difficult task – Unethical business may pass off low-grade oil, which could have been added with colour and taste additives, as extra virgin olive oil.

      To make things more difficult, these unethical business may mix cheaper cooking oil with olive oil and pass it off as extra virgin olive oil, or mix the current harvested olive oil with the left over as fresh extra virgin olive oil.

      To start off, olive oil adulteration normally happens to “extra virgin” olive oil. “Pure” olive oil, a term often used in olive oil marketing, is referring to the mixture of refined (low-grade) olive oil and a very small percentage of extra virgin olive oil (highest-grade).

      We should also know that real extra-virgin olive oil has a vibrant and pleasant aroma and taste. So when we smell and taste the olive oil directly, we should experience the following:

      1. Fruitiness – Either green or ripe fruity. The former is cold extracted from green olives and the latter is made from ripe olives or mixture of green and predominantly ripe olives. The intensity of the aroma and taste can be classified into three categories: strong, medium and mild. If there is no smell and tasteless, alarm should be raised.

      2. Bitterness – An excellent extra virgin olive oil tastes bitter due to the presence of the polyphenols (antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties). The intensity can be high, medium, and low. The highest the better.

      3. Peppery – When we take a tablespoon of the extra virgin olive oil directly, we may feel a mild burning sensation that makes us cough when the olive oil touches the back of our tongue. That is a good sign of an excellent extra virgin olive oil due to the presence of oleocanthal, which has been scientifically proven to kill cancer cells without harming the healthier cells.

      A more scientific way to identify an adulterated olive oil is to do a chemical test analysis. However, this is an expensive method, and it may not always guarantee of the intended outcome unless we do a random sampling and test.

      Some practical tips: Read the label on the bottle to look out for the chemical quality parameters (acidity etc), buy award-winning olive oils, buy olive oils with estate name clearly indicated, check for a seal of approval.

      Reader: http://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/2016/01/how-to-buy-great-extra-virgin-olive-oil/
      Reader: http://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/2015/05/8-tips-to-choosing-buying-premium-quality-extra-virgin-olive-oil/

      Some other practical tips from the ground: Don’t buy olive oils that do not have the lot or batch number indicated, or the best before date is not originally printed by the olive oil producer, read the bar code to ascertain where the olive oil is produced and come from, and don’t buy olive oils that are not harvested and produced from the same company.

      Reader: http://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/2016/06/best-practical-tips-choosing-extra-virgin-olive-oil/

      Ultimately, a best defence against olive oil adulteration is to buy from a trusted retailer or importers, who have done the ground works of checking the authenticity of the olive oil before introducing it to the consumers.

      Just remember, producing high quality extra virgin olive oil is not cheap, and real extra virgin olive oil is not cheap either.

      Hope this helps.

      Best Regards,

      Only Olive Oil.

  4. Bong Vel Nie

    I have read online that to test whether the extra virgin olive oil is pure or fake, is to put it in the fridge for 24hrs.
    Pure extra virgin olive oil will become cloudy and solidifies.
    Pardon me for asking; Have you put through your extra virgin olive oil to this test?
    Currently, I am using the off the shelves supposedly reputable brand of extra virgin olive oil that does not solidifies in the fridge, thus I have going around in search of real and pure olive oil….

    1. Agus Rahardja

      Dear Vel Nie, thanks for asking.

      Fridge test is one of the many misconceptions we have with extra virgin olive oil.

      For that, we have written an article to explain the reason for fridge storage and why we should not store our olive oil in the fridge if we use it regularly.

      Please refer to our article at http://onlyoliveoil.vas.com.sg/2015/11/fridge-test-extra-virgin-olive-oil-true-or-false/

      In this article, you will also find out why fridge test is not a reliable way to determine whether an extra virgin olive oil is real nor whether its quality is good.

      Very often, adulterated extra virgin olive oils pass the fridge test.

      We also put one of the extra virgin olive oils we carry to fridge test, and the result and explanation are given.

      Hope you find the article informative and the explanation convincing.

      Thanks. Regards, Agus. Only Olive Oil.

  5. Bong Vel Nie

    Dear Agus,
    Thank you so much for your attention. I look forward to visit your stalls. Thanks you

    1. Agus Rahardja

      Great Vel Nie. These retail stores have our olive oils:

      • Swiss Butchery @ 30 Greenwood Ave. Tel: 6468 7588. Opening hours: 9.30am-8pm daily.
      • Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin. Address: 56 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247964. Tel: 6235 8080. Opening hours: 9am-8pm daily.
      • Taste Gastronome Grocer @ Raffles Holland V. Address: 118 Holland Avenue, B1, Singapore 278997. Tel: 6264 8389. Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm daily.
      • Veggyya @ 355 East Coast Road, Singapore 428972. Tel: 6348 1096. Opening Hours 9:00am – 10:00pm – Only Senorio de Vizcantar extra virgin olive oil (500ml) and Soler Romero Balsamic Vinegar (Organic).

      Alternatively, you may wish to purchase from our online store at http://buyoliveoil.vas.com.sg.

      Thanks. Best Regards, Agus. Only Olive Oil.

    1. Agus Rahardja

      Hi John. Not quite sure what type of product specification you are looking for, for which product, and for what purpose. You may send us an email to follow up. We can be contacted at sales@vas.com.sg. Thanks. Agus. Only Olive Oil.

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