EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is good for our kids & family. Good for their healthier & heartier future !!!

Seven Most Important Health Benefits

1. Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
2. Keep Our Heart Young
3. Protect Against Cancer
4. Help Prevent Strokes
5. Fight Osteoporosis
6. Protect from Depression
7. Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

If you think you will surely reap the health benefits of the olive oil when you use one, think again. Not all olive oil is created equal. Not even among the extra virgin olive oil.

Production Method Counts

EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is the juice of the olive fruit because it is extracted under room temperature and it does not go through any refinement using chemical solvent.

We call this oil extraction method unrefined or unprocessed, while the technique is called cold extraction because the oil is extracted under a temperature below 27oC.

💡 Cooking oils, such as canola and sunflower, are produced from extremely high heat and using chemical refining process. Subsequently, it undergoes bleaching to change the colour of the oil, and deodorising to remove the odour smell.

Nutritional Values of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Perfect and unspoilt olives must be used to make EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil. Otherwise, the olive oil will have defects or bad tastes that must be removed using chemical solvent.

Therefore, when refining is carried out, this olive oil becomes a refined olive oil.

Some examples of refined olive oil are Pure Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil, and Olive Pomace Oil. The nutritional values (phytonutrients) of the refined olive oil will have already been stripped off.

💡 Pure Olive Oil and Extra Light Olive oil normally contain 90% refined olive oil and 10% extra virgin olive oil. It is the phytonutrients in EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil that make it that something extra over the refined olive oil.

Phytonutrients & Monounsaturated Fat

All olive oil, be it refined or unrefined, are regarded as healthy oil due to the high level, about 75%, of monounsaturated fat (omega-9) in the oil, which is scientifically proven to help lower the overall cholesterol.

The main difference between refined and unrefined olive oil is the presence and abundant of phytonutrients in EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil. Specifically, the presence of the polyphenols which exhibit antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

💡 Polyphenols are known to be powerful health-protective antioxidants and contain anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight oxidative stress, have a positive impact on cardiovascular disease, and help to prevent or delay the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative dementia, as well as reduce the severity of its symptoms.

Research findings have suggested that ONLY 2 tablespoons of premium quality EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil a day is enough to provide these antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Alternatively, we can also reap the health benefits of EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil by simply using at least 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil to fry vegetables or eggs, or any food which requires a temperature below 180oC to cook.

💡 How to choose a best extra virgin olive oil so that you can reap its health benefits? The more bitter and spicy (or peppery) the EXTRA VIRGIN oive oil is, the more health benefits it has.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Apart from the health benefits, the unique fragrant of the EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil will greatly improve the taste of the dishes we prepare.

For example, when we use extra virgin olive oil to fry vegetables that are naturally bitter such as broccoli, the olive oil fragrance will be infused into the vegetables. Our children and family members will love it.

EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil – Good for our kids & family. Good for their healthier & heartier future !!!
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