Garcia de la Cruz 5 Generations.

💡 5 Generations, family business since 1872, our partner García de la Cruz produces ultra unique organic extra virgin olive oil from the centenary olive trees. Consuming this olive oil is like you are travelling 500 years back in time. It is unique as much as its experience!

García de la Cruz is a 150-year family-business. After 5 generations, it remains devoted to producing the highest quality, most flavourful and purest organic extra virgin olive oil.

Located in the center of Spain, in the north of La Mancha and south of the province of Toledo, García de la Cruz has its olive groves located at the foothills of sunny Montes de Toledo. Its olive trees are planted between 300 and 500 years ago – all 100% organically grown.

Organic & Sustainable Farming

García de la Cruz has one and only one vision – It is continuously honoring planet earth so that the next generation of its family and the next generation of consumers can also enjoy the same pure organic extra virgin olive oil that is produced today from the same trees and soils.

Garcia de la Cruz First Day of Harvest.

100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

FIRST DAY OF HARVEST: This organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from the best selected olives collected on the first day of season from the centenary olive trees over 500 years old. How does it taste like with oil made from oldest olive trees? It is like living in ancient!

MASTER MILLER: After 5 generations, and with 150 years of experience, this organic extra virgin olive oil becomes Garcia de la Cruz’s signature secret blend. A regular award-winner at international olive oil competitions, it is made from the best olives collected very early from the centenary olive trees over 300 years old.

ESSENTIAL: One Oil. Many Uses. If you are looking for a great all-rounder and for multiple uses in the kitchen – raw consumption or as cooking oil, this is your extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil is produced from slightly ripe olive fruits of the centenary olive trees. Mild to medium intensity. Fruity with notes of ripe fruits. There is also a non-organic version, a limited collector’s item, and 3L Bag-In-Box.

TERRA OLIVE: This extra virgin olive oil is made from ripe olives harvested from centuries-old olive groves. It is high in oleic acid and very stable when heated. This makes it perfect for frying, sauteing and baking. But hey, please don’t let our words limit your imagination – It is good for seasoning too. This “olive juice” is a pantry staple every kitchen needs.

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