We carry Spanish premium quality and award-winning organic extra virgin olive oil – well, almost all of them are. Those that are not are under integrated production. What that means is that this agriculture method respects the environment, and the quality and safety of the olive oil.

We also have organic vinegar and jam. Our wine is from Spain too.

Why should you trust our extra virgin olive oil? We work directly with the small farmers and ethical producers of extra virgin olive oil. They produce authentic and great tasting olive oil. They are simply the “olive juice.”

We know because we have visited them and interacted with them. Most importantly, we make it as transparent as we could. You can find all the critical information you need to make a purchase decision.

That is to say, you buy what you see on the website. You want to know the Best Before date, you have it. You want to know the Harvest date, it is there clearly shown. How about the acidity, polyphenols, etc. Why not take a look at it yourself. Here is our online shop. You can be rest assure of what you will receive when you buy.

High quality extra virgin olive oil, is it affordable? The best part is, the more you buy, the more saving you have. We normally have 3 or 6 units bundled prices. That is the only way we can make high quality olive oil affordable to you and me. So why not planning for group-buy then? Or stock up for a one-year stock?

Currently we have worked with two partners since we started our business in 2014. They are Aceites Vizcantar and Soler Romero. We recommend you give our flagship olive oils a try, Señorío de Vizcántar Special Selection and Soler Romero First Day of Harvest. Different brand, different flavour. Of course, all our other olive oils are equally good quality too.

If you like to pair up olive oil with vinegar, try our most popular organic balsamic vinegar. It is 100% natural and organic with no added additives and sugar.

We source our wines just like we do for our extra virgin olive oil – only the best and those that we love to consume ourselves are considered. Juan Gil is the chosen wine partner. We have to say, these wines are quite unique and interesting. The grape varietal that is used to produce the wine is Monastrell and the wine is bold and powerful.

Next time when you are thinking of throwing a party, think Juan Gil Yellow Label and add a few bottles of Juan Gil Silver Label for the extra fun.

This is of special interest to us and perhaps to you too. Our handcrafted soaps are handmade in Singapore with lots and lots of passion.

We carefully formulated our handcrafted soap to achieve well-balanced soap properties. This balancing act is not easy to achieve. It took us more than 5 years to reach our goals – balancing among conditioning, cleansing, bubbly, hardness and long-lasting.

What is more, we use our own extra virgin olive oil to make our soap. And we let them cure and age in an air-con room for at least 3 months to get that mild, gentle, moisturising and silky feel.

Why not give our signature Castile-Chamomile handcrafted soap a try? Don’t forget that we also have other specially formulated handcrafted soaps you can consider. Well, different soap recipe produces different feel. Only you will know, after you have tried, which one you like most.

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