Mr Enrique, owner of Soler Romero, explaining organic farming and its philosophy.

💡 Our partner Soler Romero produces intense green fruity organic extra virgin olive oil. It is extremely healthy with highest Polyphenols, ranging between 800 and 1,000 mg/kg. The olive oil is recognised worldwide as BEST ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil assessed by both Taste & Health.

Soler Romero is a family business with over 173 years of extensive olive oil tradition, dated back since 1850 and under the care of 6 generations. You know what, almost all of the olive trees in the farm are centenarians.

These olive trees are planted by the shepherds more than 200 years ago at an average height of 600 meters above the sea and a wide temperature range, which allows a natural disinfection of the olive trees, keeping them safe from plagues and illness without the use of chemical products.

Soler Romero is located in Alcaudete, Jaén which is one of Andalucia’s forgotten treasures – stunning cathedral dwarfing the surroundings and the 16th century Palacio de Villardompardo.

Our Visit

We visited Soler Romero’s olive groves, its mill, storage and bottling facilities in November 2015. We are impressed with its cleanliness and organic-minded farming and production.

Soler Romero’s Olive Grove.

Family Business

For 6 generations, over 173 years since 1850, Soler Romero only produces organic and premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Nothing else. It is also one of the largest organic olive oil producers in Spain.

The mill is centrally located in the olive groves, allowing the newly harvested olives to be processed within 3 hours after harvesting (to limit oxidation and preserve maximum health benefits and flavour).

Sustainable Farming

Having been practising sustainable farming for over 30 years, Soler Romero has obtained five organic certificates, European (Spain), the US, Japan, Korea and China.

It is worth mentioning that Soler Romero is the first Spanish olive oil producer to obtain the USDA Organic seal of USA in 2003 as well as the first to be organic certified by the Chinese organic standards in 2010.

Soler Romero’s First Day of Harvest.

100% Natural & Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Low acidity (< 0.15%), high Polyphenols (800-1,000 mg/kg), and organic are the three typical characteristics of Soler Romero extra virgin olive oils. If you are looking for an olive oil that will give you the pelasure of enjoyment while at the same time boosting up your health, this is it.

FIRST DAY OF HARVEST: This is a limited edition of olive oil because it is produced from the best selected Picual olives on the first day of harvest to capture the very most authentic flavours of the Picual olives. It is very green & bitter with touches of fruits like green tomato, artichoke and green grass. The healthiest olive oil that we carry.

PICUAL: This organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from a mixture of green and slightly ripe Picual olives when the colour is about turning reddish purple. It still tastes green with medium-high intensity but it also has a hint of ripe olive note. The polyphenol count is very impressive with over 700 mg/kg, and the taste is exceptional, you are sure eating your way to live longer.

BAG-IN-BOX: It is the Picual olive oil in the Bag-in-Box packaging. Bag-in-Box can preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of olive oil as it protects the olive oil from exposure to air and in-contact with light. It also prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the olive oil in the container. The 3L Bag-In-Box is approximately B5 paper size.

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