Tortilla Española con Pan Tomaca 西班牙烘蛋佐鲜茄橄榄油法国面包

We had our Mother’s Day dinner at home. Our own “celebrity” chef, i.e. Shirley the mom, homemaker, Director of Operations and co-founder of VAS & SAV TRADING, prepared us a healthy and yummy Mediterranean style dinnerTortilla Española con Pan Tomaca (Spanish Omelette with Bread and Tomatoes).

If you follow the recipe provided here and the cooking instructions, you could also make your own Spanish tapas at home for less than S$8, which is fit for a family of three.

Tortilla Española


  • Six Eggs;
  • Three Potatoes;
  • Half an Onion;
  • Salt & Olive Oil.


  1. Chop the onion and potatoes into smaller pieces. The appropriate size and thickness is as shown.

2. Crack the egg and add a suitable amount of salt to it. Beat the egg thoroughly.

3. Add five or six tablespoons of premium quality olive oil into the pan. Using small to medium fire, put the chopped onion and potatoes into the pan and add a suitable amount of salt.

4. When the potatoes are soft enough, transfer the onions and potatoes into a separate plate.

5. With the remaining olive oil in the pan, pour half of the beaten egg inside. Keep the other half of the beaten egg on hold. Then, add the onions and potatoes together with the egg and spread evenly

6. As the contents in the pan are starting to heat up, add the remaining half of the beaten egg into the pan. Do take note not to let the egg at the bottom most of the pan become charred. Use a wok spatula to constantly check on the status of the egg at the bottom.

7. When the egg at the bottom most of the pan has turned golden, it is time for the next step. This is the most challenging part of the process. With a separate plate (big enough to cover the entire pan), put it on top of and face down on the pan. Using the fastest speed possible, flip the contents in the pan onto the plate. This means that the uncooked side of the egg will be facing up. Then, transfer the contents on the plate back into the pan.

8. Continue heating the contents. When both sides of the egg are now golden, the Tortilla Española is ready to be eaten.

    Pan Tomaca


    • French Baguette;
    • One Clove of Garlic;
    • Two or Three Tomatoes;
    • Jamon Serrano (Spanish ham) (This is optional);
    • Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


    1. Peel the fresh tomatoes and garlic. Chop or blend them together into fine pieces. Set aside.
    2. Chop the Jamon Serrano (Spanish ham) into fine pieces. Set aside.
    3. Toast the French Baguette. The preparation is now complete.

    TO EAT: Using the French Baguette as a base, put the tomatoes on the Baguette first. Then, add Jamon Serrano. Finally, drizzle a generous amount of Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Pan Tomaca is now ready to be enjoyed.

    After Thoughts

    We had a wonderful dinner on Mother’s Day! It was not an expensive dinner. In fact, it is considered cheap – less than S$8 for a family of three.

    A memorable meal does not have to be a luxurious meal. This is something that a lot of us tend to forget. Eating healthily and enjoying what we eat are two important factors that we must remember when choosing our food.

    We came across these words from Katherine Desbaillets of the SaladStop! when we were brainstorming on how best to bring our premium quality extra virgin olive oil to most, if not all, of us living in Singapore at an affordable price. Katherine said,

    One should eat to live, not live to eat. Every person should be conscious and informed on what goes into their bodies.

    Start thinking of using quality extra virgin olive oil in our culinary preparation. It may be just a few drizzle into our salad, grilled fish, or a couple of tablespoons as cooking oil to fry our vegetables. Mediterranean Diet has long been proven itself to be a healthy diet.

    In the long run, small little things count. What we eat is what we will be. Be good to our kids and family. You will see the return in many years later but it is worth the while because our kids and family will surely have a healthier and heartier future.

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