ARBOSANA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Arbosana olive variety is native to Spain. This olive variety is not as widely known as Picual and Arbequina. In terms of its aroma and taste, Arbosana is more similar to Arbequina than Picual, the latter is bold and robust. Like Arbequina olive oil, it is smooth and buttery but slightly more intense than Arbequina. Arbequina olive oil is the best friend for children, so is Arbosana.


Arbosana olive oil is used extensively in culinary preparation to boost taste and scent. When the olives are harvested early, it has fruity, grassy and nutty tones, specifically with notes of freshly cut grass, green tomato, banana, and tropical fruits. It is also known for its smooth texture with medium pungency.

Chefs and foodies like to use this olive oil to deliver the perfect finishing touch on dishes such as pasta. It is also wonderful for baking, drizzling over cooked seafood, or over salads, especially with fruits.


If you’re a chocolate lover, you might want to know that it pairs beautifully with chocolateNot only it is delicious, but also heart healthy.

How to use olive oil in chocolate? Either as one of the ingredients, for example, making dark chocolate olive oil cake or chocolate bar itself, or drizzling it over your chocolate ice cream along with a sprinkling of flaky sea salt, Arbosana olive oil will surely make your dining experience that something curiously XTRA.

Arbosana olive oil is so special because of its grassy, herbaceous and green fruit flavours with a subtle astringent and bitter-yet-smooth finish.


The same variety of olives can produce different taste and aroma in olive oil. This is so because the olives are grown in different kind of soil and weather, even at different altitude.

Even fruit from the same tree can have different results each year because olives are not maturing at the same rate on the tree, some still green, some riper. This is more obvious if the olives are harvested in the middle of the harvesting season.


Taste is rather subjective. If you like it so much, someone may have different opinion. You smell it this way but someone may feel the aroma differently. It may taste nice to you, however, someone may dislike the taste. The most obvious example is the either you-hate-it or you-like-it durian.

But one thing is clear, whatever things we are talking about, it has to be fresh and healthy to our body and mind. And we are always talking about Extra Virgin olive oil when we mention olive oil in our writing.

Just like Arbequina, Arbosana extra virgin olive oil is our children’s best friend!

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